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Quick and Easy: Chicken Kitchen

It’s Monday and I knew I needed a boost of energy from another one of my favorite local, gluten-free Houston restaurants, Chicken Kitchen.

Chicken Kitchen focuses on high quality, made from scratch fresh food with a high focus on Chicken, hence the name. This order at the counter restaurant is located in Rice Village and is the perfect lunch for students, shoppers and anyone working down the street in the medical center.

My order usually always stays the same: a regular Mexican Chop-Chop®. I crave the fresh chicken that comes straight from the grill and chopped up right in front of you, as well as the yummy combination that you help put together for the perfect bowl. I always top it with one of their signature sauces and have a pink lemonade on the side.

Chicken Kitchen caters for any event and is a most try place for a simple, gluten-free lunch.

All thoughts, experiences and opinions are my own. Every gluten-free eater has a different tolerance for gluten-free food, including cross-contamination. 

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