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Happy National Chocolate Cake Day

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!! As I’ve mentioned in a couple of my past posts, I love sweets and chocolate is no exception.

It definitely took a long time to find a good, easy, gluten-free cake mix that I could find at a local store. Most gluten-free cake mixes usually taste gritty, they would be crumbly or would fall apart when they were cooked. I tried almost all the brands I could find and some were better than others, but the best one by far was King Arthur.

The King Arthur brand can be found at Walmart, or you can order their products online. Whenever I need to make a quick cake or need flour that’s easy to blend, my go-to is King Arthur products. The cakes come out fluffy, moist and they don’t taste like the usual gluten-free cake. I’ve even made a couple of cakes for non-gluten-free friends and they can’t tell the difference. I highly recommend trying the King Arthur chocolate cake mix, especially for National Chocolate Cake Day!

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