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Hop to Hopdoddy

Houston recently opened another Hopdoddy Burger Bar superrrr close to my house and it’s dangerous. Not only do they have gluten-free buns that taste like heaven, they also ask you if it’s a preference or allergy when you order (which still amazes me every time).

My go-to order is the Magic Shroom’ burger with a gluten-free bun, add a fried egg and truffle fries on the side (which are fried in a seprate frier). Let me tell you, this burger satisfies all of my taste buds, especially with it’s corn-based, gluten-free bun.

Based on their nutrition menu online, Hopdoddy specifically lists which items have gluten and which ones do not which is super helpful! Based on the nutrition list, items that are not gluten-free include: egg buns and whole wheat bun (obviously), blue cheese whip (used on the Buffalo Bill burger), Nori Chips (used on the Ahi Tuna burger), Impossible Meat (used on the Impossible Burger), Black Bean and Corn Patty (used on the La Bandita burger), Blue Cheese Crumbles, Oreo crumbles, Graham crumbles, Funfetti Batter and Chopped Whoppers (man, do I miss these).

This place is a go-to when I’m craving a big burger and must-go for any gluten-free eater.

All thoughts, experiences and opinions are my own. Every gluten-free eater has a different tolerance for gluten-free food, including cross-contamination.

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