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Gluten-Free Camping

A couple of months ago, my husband and I decided to try out real camping for the first time. We bought a tent, sleeping bag and I started to make a plan for easy gluten-free meals and snacks to make while we were in the middle of nowhere. I made a few foil packs for dinner but wanted to try real camping products for the experience.

One of the items we really wanted to try was freeze-dried, precooked foods, that could easily be heated up in a pan on our fire. We decided to try out the Mountain House, freeze-dried, precooked scrambled eggs with bacon. To my surprise, this gluten-free pack was a lot better than I expected. Although the bottom was a little liquidy, the rest of the pack tasted as if you made fresh eggs with bacon at home. It was a great and easy breakfast for camping.

Another go-to camping snack is Jiffy Pop, a gluten-free popcorn staple for any childhood. Not only was it as delicious as I remember, but it was also super easy and still fun to watch pop on our fire. My foil packs and these products made camping painless for anyone gluten-free!

What are your favorite gluten-free camping items?

All thoughts, experiences and opinions are my own. Every gluten-free eater has a different tolerance for gluten-free food, including cross-contamination. 

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