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A local Favorite: 100% Taquito

Never in my life have I craved a restaurant as much as I do with 100% Taquito. The restaurant is located in Houston, Texas and one of my absolute favorites. They serve real authentic Mexican food, which means the majority of their menu is gluten-free. I usually order the Sopes or the Banderitas, which are three taquitos covered in green sauce, red sauce, sour cream, and cheese to form the flag of Mexico. The crisp and sauces come together to make the perfect bite every time. It’s a must-go-to place whenever friends are in town and I haven’t heard a negative comment yet!

If you think the food is great, you should hear the back story of how the restaurant came to be. University of Houston Business School Graduate, Marko Garcia started 100% Taquito for a school project after he couldn’t find authentic Mexican food in the Houston area. He began with a taco stand in a busy parking lot and slowly moved into a storefront. 100% Taquito has had raving reviews from Eater Houston, Houston Chronicle, Texas Monthly and more.

I want to hear from you! Have you had 100% Taquito? What did you think?

All thoughts, experiences and opinions are my own. Every gluten-free eater has a different tolerance for gluten-free food, including cross-contamination. 

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